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I first learned about salted eggs when I won it as a prize in a contest similar to an Easter egg hunt. I think I was just a 10-year-old boy then, and the contest was part of the Santacruzan festivities. Ah, childhood summertime memories!


ah, what a cool color


ang itlog na maalat ay isa sa staple food ng ukaya. masarap itong kainin pag may kasamang kamatis at sibuyas.

ginugutom nako.hehe.

[t e r r o r k i t t e n]

wow...making my tummy rumble...must try these at some stage. Phil


I love itlog na maalat. I love eating it with diced tomatoes.


OMG! Itlog maalat is one of my favourite delicacies! Now I am drooling!


am salivating here, i can see these are good itlog na maalat, look how oily and dark those rings around the yolk. PLUS - 3 for 20?!?! that's really cheap compared to a dollar to one here.


C'est Pâques? ;-)


Interesting reading & viewing this egg series. I got to know about the dyed eggs for the first time...well captured shots!

Rock Kauser

They look like giant, dyed pistachios!


yay this time salted eggs. :)


Really? Commercial salted eggs are mostly duck eggs? I did not know that. I thought they were chicken eggs.


Hi there! Got to visit your blog again since I'm using the computer of my nephew. I like your topic for the past few days...street food and eggs in particular. Hahaha...I love all kinds of eggs. I'm craving for itlog na maalat right now. :-)


Not a bad idea, but pretty funny these red coloured eggs.


c'est merveilleux. j'aime des oeufs salé. je me demande si d'autres pays ont quelque chose similaire comme ceux-ci? on les mange avec des tomates et du riz. essayez-vous les?


I didn't know that was simply the reason why salted egg has to be colored red - only to be differentiated against fresh egg...

Oh, I love this sliced mix with tomatoes!

Mike Dougan

I never realized these were duck eggs! I love these with chopped tomato, onion and green mango!


These are my favorite eggs. Oh all of a sudden I am very hungry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Eggs seems to be a providential food in the street! Interesting!


Salted eggs are best eaten with porridge!


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